100 Free Circle Logos

Round LogosUse our free circle logo maker to make your own circle logo within seconds and in any color. There are 100 circle logo designs to choose from.

You can change the color to create a logo in any color combination.

Step 1: Choose the circle design from the selection below (the icon can be selected in the next stage so when selecting the circle below only consider the exterior shape since all other details can be customized in the next stages).

Step 2: Select the icon.

There are 100 icons to choose from.

Step 3: Edit the text (you can also remove or add text).

Step 4: Choose the colors of each element (images and/or text).

circe logo
round logo
circle logo generator

small flowers
circle with dots
geometric shape
lotus shaped

How to Create a Circle Logo

  1. Select the design that you want to use from the selection of circle logos above.
  2. Open the free logo maker.
  3. Select the icon that you want to use or delete the icon if you don’t want to use an icon.
  4. Type your own text instead of the dummy text. You can delete the date if you don’t want to include a date or you can replace it with other text.
  5. Select each element and choose a color in the “change color” box. Once you are happy with your color click on select.
  6. Repeat until you have chosen a color for each item or skip this stage if you want to create a black logo.
  7. Make any changes that you want to make. For example, you can make the text smaller or bigger or move them it around.
  8. Download as an image file (click on the cloud icon) or as a PDF document (page icon).