Hand Drawn Logos

You can use our free logo maker to make custom hand drawn logos. Since there are so many options available the chances of someone creating the same logo as you are remote.

There are two kinds of hand-drawn logos on this page: logos with one icon or round logos with three or four icons. They can all be created and downloaded free with our free online logo maker.

logo generator
logo maker

How to Use the Free Logo Maker

sample logo

Edit Text

Edit the text and change the size and fonts. You can also add more text and/or erase text.

logo creator

Change Logo

Click on "select design" to change the logo.

How to create a logo

Move Elements around

You can move all elements around until you are happy with the placement.

Round Logos with Three or Four Icons

You can change the drawing in each quarter. You can either keep the text at the bottom or replace any of the drawings with the text so that it appears inside the circle.

Here are some hand-drawn logos created with this app:

hand drawn logos

hand drawn logo logo maker

In the following logos the circle is changed to black. You can change to any color you want.

logo making app

There are many drawings available. You can select a different one for each quarter.

logo generator produce

The text can be placed at the bottom of the circle or in any of the quarters.

food logo drawing catering

How to Create your Own Hand Drawn Logos

  1. Click on each of the samples to open the logo maker.
  2. Select an icon for the bottom quarter.
  3. Click on “click here to change the design” and then select the quarter (bottom, top, right, left).
  4. Select an icon.
  5. To edit the text either double click on it or edit the text in the text box. You can move the text around.