Elephant Monogram

elephant monogram maker

Create a free elephant monogram in any color with our free monogram maker. You can choose the color of the elephant and the initials, and you can even select the eyes! If you don’t want a circle monogram then simply change the font. You can download the monogram elephant as a PDF, SVG, jpg or a png image with a transparent background.

How to Make an Elephant Monogram

1Select the number of initials (from 1 to 4)

2 Edit Initials

3 Change the color of the elephant, circle and initials

4 Select eyes and circle pattern

5Print or download

Sample Elephant Monograms

template with plain elephant


template with design behind monogram


purple and pink


template with circle behind monogram


elephant monogram




purple and lilac


purple and white


teal and white


monogram elephant


How to Change the Eyes?

Click on the image icon (the fourth icon from the top) and select “eyes”. Select the eyes that you want to use.

How to Change the Design around the Monogram?

Click on the image icon (the fourth icon from the top) and select “change frame”. Select the frame that you want to use.

You can also click on the “edit layer” button and change the color of the circle. If you don’t want a circle around your monogram then click on the trash can.

How to Change the Color of the Elephant?

  1. Click on the elephant.
  2. Select a color.
  3. Click on select.
  4. You can also click on “edit layers” and select a color.

How to Edit the Initials?

  1. Select the initial.
  2. Type the new initial in the text box. Don’t forget to use caps. If you don’t then you will have to drag the letter since the lowercase letters are slightly smaller.
  3. If you want to change the font color then click on the back arrow and select a color.
  4. Repeat this process until you have edited all of your initials. You can color each initial in a different color if you want to.
  5. If you don’t want a circle monogram then select any font.

Once you have completed your elephant monogram, you can use it to create a decal or for any other use. There are many more monogram designs on this site.