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Old English font is also known as Gothic font, blackletter calligraphy, or Old English letters. The old English font includes a variety of calligraphic styles. The letters are uniform and upright and created with vertical strokes and built-up serifs. The Old English font is often difficult to read and therefore should not be used when legibility is an important factor. It also shouldn’t be used for long texts as they will not be easy to read.

You can write anything you want with our free online Old English font maker. You can change the font, the font size, and the color. You can type letters or numbers.

How to Use the Old English Generator

  1. Click on the button above.
  2. In the left column, you will see the canvas sizes available. Each option is available in a solid or outline version. Select the option that you like best.
  3. Type your text.
  4. Change the font color (unless you want black). Old English text is usually black but you can change the color if you want something different.
  5. Download.

You cannot directly copy and paste Old English text if you don’t have the font installed on your computer. However, you can copy and paste the image created. To do this, you simply write whatever you want with our free text creator, and then you download it as a png (it will have a transparent background). You can then copy and paste that image onto any document or file and you will not need to install any fonts.

You cannot copy and paste directly from the canvas. However, you can write anything you want and download your text as an image. Copy the image and then paste it anywhere you want to.

Open Old English Font Generator

Old English Font Alphabet

These are the letters used in the Old English font text generator. To give you a better idea of both uppercase and lowercase letters, they have both been used below. You would not write this way. It is just to show you both options.

Old English Font Alphabet


The letters of the Old English Gothic font (sometimes called English blackletter) are very compressed so more words can fit on a page than other styles. There is often a dynamic contrast of heavy letters and fine hairlines.

Today, this font is used primarily in headings on certificates and diplomas. Some newspapers also use variations of this font in their headlines. The old English font is a version of the Gothic font. If you prefer an old English cursive font then see our calligraphy generator.


These are uppercase or capital letters. The Majuscules are quite difficult to read and should be used for initials, the first letter, or for emphasis only. Don’t write entire words in caps since they will be very difficult to read.


These are lowercase letters or small letters. They are much easier to write than uppercase letters. These letters are more legible and can be used to write entire words, sentences, or paragraphs.

Old English Font Numbers

The old English font numbers are similar to the letters.

old english font numbers

Old English Font Tattoo

Old English font letters and numbers letters are commonly used in tattoo designs. See tattoo fonts for more options.

The Origin of the Old English Font

The Old English letters were used in Europe from around the 11th century. Most of the letters were based on a style called Carolingian minuscule. Carolingian minuscule was originally developed to write books and publications but since it took too long to write it was too time-consuming. Therefore, the old English letters or black letters were developed to replace the more elaborate Carolingian minuscule.

How to Write the Old English Font

A good angle for writing old English letters is 45 degrees. You don’t have to use a 45-degree angle. In fact, you can try different angles and see how they affect your letters. However, once you have chosen an angle you must be consistent and use that angle for all letters.

A good way to practice is to use the font generator to type individual letters on blank paper. Copy each letter until you perfect it.

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