Halloween Font

With our free scary font generator, you can create creepy text in any color and any size.

Scary Font Generator

How to Use the Halloween Font Generator


  1. Click on the button above to open the Halloween font generator.
  2. Select the format (landscape, portrait, square).
  3. Type your text. The text will automatically appear in a spooky font. The spooky font has uppercase and lowercase letters so each letter will be different with or without caps lock. If you don’t want to use creepy text for the entire text you can add text with a regular font. Click on “Add text”.
  4. Change the font color if you prefer. For example, if you want the letter to look like it has blood dripping off it you can change the color to red.


What can the horror font generator be used for?

Use it to create Halloween invitations, flyers, or printables or whenever you want to create something spooky and need a spooky font.

Can you use the creepy text generator to write creepy text messages?

You cannot copy and paste the creepy text into a text message. However, you can create a creepy message and download it as an image file and then send the image via a text message. Since you don’t need to register to download and you just click on download it is a very simple and quick process. Open the creepy font generator. Type whatever you want. Download as an image. Open your text message and attach the image.

Can you use the scary text generator for commercial purposes?

You are free to use the scary text generator for personal use. You cannot place it on another internet site without linking back to the source.

Can you create cursed text together with regular text?

The cursed text generator can be used to create cursed text and regular text. For example, if you are creating an invitation for a scary action movie or something similar. You can use the cursed font to write the title. You then click on “add text” and add regular text for the details about the movie.