What’s Your Unicorn Name? (A Unique Name Generator That’s Fun to Use!)

We offer a free online unique name generator that will tell you what your unicorn name is. You enter your name and the month that you were born in and the unicorn name generator will give you your unique unicorn name. There are many cute unicorn names waiting for you! See our cute name generator.

Unicorn name generator

unicorn name generator

Are you looking for a unique name for yourself or your character? Or maybe you just want a unique way to find a new pet name! Whatever the reason, you will find your name here!

What is your unicorn name?

What is your name?
What month were you born in?

Unicorn Name Tags

Once you have discovered what your unicorn name is, you can make a free unicorn name tag with the templates below.

My unicorn name is
unicorn name tags

What is your unicorn name?

Step 1: Use the initial of your first name

A Arabella J Jewel S Sparkles
B Blossom K Kenzie T Twilight
C Candy L Lavender U Uni
D Daffodil M Mystique V Vanilla
E Estrellita N Neptune W Willow
F Firefly O Opal X Xaviera
G Gwyneth P Philipa Y Yasmin
H Hope Q Quarralia Z Zanna
I Iris R Rainbow

Step 2: What month were you born in?

January – Javiera

February – Floriana

March – Moonflower

April – Aurora

May – Moonheart

June – Jade

July – Javiera

August – Amber

September – Starflower

October – Oriella

November – Nadira

December – Daisy