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Create your own free wedding monogram with our wedding monogram generator. Each wedding logo is available in 15 different colors to coordinate with your color scheme.

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You can use our free monogram maker to create monogrammed stationery with any of the monogram designs on this site. Customize the monogram and print it on a note card. To add text, just click on the A icon.

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These logo designs are perfect for wedding stationery, ceremony programs, envelopes, or any décor you would like to personalize. Choose a design that will match your wedding theme.

Custom Wine Labels

These labels include the date, the Bride and Groom’s names and monogram but the text can be edited if you want to add additional text.

Printable label for wine
Printable labels for wine
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Labels for wine
Wine label printable
Personalized wine bottle
Customized monogrammed wine bottle
Monogrammed bottle of wine
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Crown on monogram


Wreath Design

(You can change the colors to suit your color scheme)


Wedding Monograms with a Watercolor Frame

You can make these wedding monograms with our free wedding monogram maker. Add a date if you want. Use initials or names:

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free wedding monogram


wedding monogram
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Since you can add text, feel free to add your married surname if you want.



Now, you don’t need a huge budget to design your own wedding logo! Within minutes it can be ready for you. Nobody will know it was a freebie!

Most of the designs above are not suitable for linens, robes, handkerchiefs, towels, etc. When printing or embroidering on fabric you will need a simple monogram without too much detail.

Wedding Monogram Rules and Etiquette

The couple’s surname initial should be in the middle and the woman’s initial on one end and the man’s on the other. Traditionally, the wedding monogram order was first the man’s initial, then the new surname and then the bride’s first initial. Today, many couples prefer to put the woman’s initial first (i.e. to the left). If it is your wedding then you can decide on the rules! Some people are more comfortable with the traditional approach while others prefer the more modern approach.

When creating a gift for a newly married couple it is important to know if the bride is going to take the groom’s last name. If you are going to the trouble to make or buy the gift then it is worth it to check with them.

Married Monogram Order

The married monogram order is as follows:

The Modern Approach: Woman’s Initial | Couple’s Surname | Man’s Initial

The Traditional Approach: Man’s Initial | Couple’s Surname | Woman’s Initial

Wedding Monogram Order

Before the couple is officially married some people believe that you should not use a joint monogram.

After the couple is married the wedding monogram order is as follows:

The Modern Approach: Woman’s Initial | Couple’s Surname | Man’s Initial

The Traditional Approach: Man’s Initial | Couple’s Surname | Woman’s Initial

The joint monogram is not supposed to be used until the couple is officially married so it isn’t appropriate to use it for the wedding invitation. On the other hand, the thank you letter that is sent after the wedding is a great place to include it. You can create your joint monogram on this site and print it on blank cards to create a cheap thank you card that will look like it was professionally designed.  You can also print it on the menu assuming that the meal is served after the ceremony. Print them on edible sugar paper to make wedding cupcake toppers. Make monogram tags for monogram wedding favors. Print on the cover of a plain notebook to create a monogrammed wedding guest book that will cost a fraction of the cost of a custom-ordered guest book.

One of the advantages of making your own logo is that you get to choose exactly what you want. A graphic designer doesn’t know exactly what you like or want.

Please note that these are just samples of monograms that can be used but there are many more options on this site. Please feel free to look around. They are all free.

You can also use these as a couple’s monogram and they don’t need to be used for a wedding. For example, if you need a married couple monogram to create personalized stationery.

If you are keeping your maiden name then you can create an initial monogram with your first names only. You can also use your full name and your spouse’s full name and have a 4 letter monogram. See 4 initial monogram generator.

Can the wedding monograms be used commercially?

The free wedding logo generator can be used by couples or wedding planners for wedding stationery and decor and cannot be sold, given to others, or placed on any website.

How to Change the Color

To change the color, click on the object that you want to change (i.e. the initials or the background). Click on “change color”. Select the color that you want to use. If you are using a specific color scheme and you know the hex color code for that color you can write the number of the color. If not, you can select the color from the color wheel. Feel free to play around with the colors and download as many options as you want. If you are not sure which version to use you can show them to friends or family and ask their opinion.