Mr and Mrs Wall Art

Create Poster Online and Print at Home

Use our free wall poster maker to customize this poster online and then print at home on your own printer. If you have an old frame then the poster won’t cost you anything besides the cost of the ink!

This Mr and Mrs wall art can be customized with your surname and wedding date. You can add additional text if you want. The poster is available in 25 different colors so that you can print a poster that will coordinate with your color scheme.

It makes a great DIY gift for a married couple or a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary. The poster is free and you can have it framed to create a gift that doesn’t cost much but will be appreciated by the couple.

mr and mrs wall art

Make Poster Online – Free

In the following printable posters, you can customize the “Mr” and “Mrs” as well if you want to write the couple’s first names. You can also change the words for same-sex couples to read “Mr and Mr” or “Mrs and Mrs”. Instead of the family name, you can write the couple’s first names or you can delete the text. You can include the wedding date or you can delete the date.

You can change the color of both the text and the ampersand symbol.

If you are using the poster template to create a wedding sign then feel free to add additional text by clicking on the “A” icon. For example, if you are hanging the wedding posters next to the wedding guest book then just add a note to “Please leave wishes in the guest book”. You can change the color to coordinate with your wedding color scheme.

Mr and Mrs Wall Art

wedding wall art personalized


personalized wedding wall art

wedding wall art personalized


wedding sign

wedding signs

Mr and Mrs wedding signs

Mr and Mrs wedding sign

Mr & Mrs wedding signs


Do You Need Special Paper?

If you are printing on standard-sized paper (US letter or A4) then you can use regular paper from your printer. In order to create a bigger poster, you will need larger paper. If your printer cannot print on larger paper you can have the poster printed at your local office supplies store and it shouldn’t cost much. You can also use a larger frame with a smaller picture if you want to print at home but use a large frame.