Snowflake Monogram

Create your own free custom snowflake monogram in any color. Many designs are available. You can use the snowflake generator for other uses if you don’t want to add your monogram. You can add any text or image.

snowflake monogram

snowflake monogram


Online snowflake maker
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snowflake generator


How to make a snowflake monogram

  1. Select a snowflake monogram frame from the collection of snowflake clipart. There are 51 designs available. Click on it to open the monogram maker. There are many different snowflake patterns available in various colors. You can also change the color at a later stage.
  2. If you want to use the snowflake template for something else without a monogram, then feel free to delete the letters.
  3. To change the border, select the “snowflake border” gallery under “select designs.”
  4. Select each letter and type your initials.
  5. You can change the font if you don’t want a circle monogram font. If you don’t want a three initial monogram, delete one or more letters.
  6. You can change the color of the snowflake image or each letter. You cannot change the color of the round border, but we have several colors available.
  7. When you are happy with your design, you can download it as a png file (with a transparent background) or as a PDF file.

Feel free to create as many monogram snowflake designs as you want. We also have other free monogram designs on this site.

How to make a snowflake initial

If you only want one initial in your snowflake frame then delete two of the initials. Change the font and type your initial. You can select any frame, any font, and any color!

Here is a sample but the possibilities are endless. You can type your name or add an image.

snowflake initial

How to make a snowflake monogram shirt

  1. Follow the instructions above to design a snowflake online.
  2. Download your snowflake clipart.
  3. Print on iron-on transfer paper. Don’t forget to set your printer to print a mirror image. Use these instructions for printing on an iron-on transfer.
  4. Prepare the ironing surface on the shirt.
  5. Iron the transfer onto the shirt.

How to make a snowflake SVG

With our free online snowflake generator, you can make a snowflake online and download in 4 different formats: SVG, png, jpg or PDF.

To download in SVG format, click on “download” and then select SVG.


You are free to use them for personal or commercial use, but if you place them on a website, then you must link back to this site.