Monogram Wallpaper

Free ready-made monogram wallpaper backgrounds. Select the background design and then click on “landscape” (for desktop wallpaper or tablet) or “portrait” (for a mobile or tablet). Select any of the monogram frames. You can then change the initials and the colors. You can also use our free monogram wallpaper maker if you want to select the background as well as the frame.

monogram wallpaper maker

It takes only 2 minutes to create your own monogram background with your initials and your choice of background, circle, and colors.

Select the background design that you want to use from the selection below. To create a PC desktop background select “landscape”. To create wallpaper for iPhone or other mobile phones select “portrait”.

monogram desktop wallpaper maker

Gold Stripes

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Stripes in any color

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monogram backgrounds

Polka Dots in any color

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monogram background

White polka dots on a colored background (any color)

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monogram background maker

Chevron Monogram Generator

The chevron monogram generator will enable you to change the chevron pattern and the color. You can also change the circle and the color of the circle and fonts.

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